Uniting students, researchers, industry leaders & policy makers to promote fair A.I. policy and ethics


Leuven AI Forum (LAIF) is a non-profit organization that connects students, academics, industry experts and policy makers around important topics of A.I. Policy and Ethics.

Our purpose is to create a multidisciplinary platform that raises awareness for pressing issues around AI, facilitates collaboration between different stakeholders and creates opportunities for the advancement of solutions.

LAIF aims to become a research facilitator conducting AI Policy research that will ensure the safe and ethical deployment of AI technologies along with close collaboration of Industry leaders and Policy makers.

Our mission and activities are built upon the curious and active student and academic community of Leuven and the rest of Belgium.


Policy Makers




There is often a communication barrier between people of different disciplines (technical, business, policy, philosophical, humanitarian etc) and different occupations (professionals, students, academics, general public) when discussing about the nuances of different AI topics.

LAIF aims to break down those barriers by connecting people from all backgrounds in order to facilitate general awareness on AI topics and a holistic approach to AI development and research.


At LAIF, we conceptualize, design and organise a host of activities tailored to fulfill the needs of different stakeholders in the AI ecosystem.


TED conferences bring together the worlds most fascinating thinkers and doers, who are challenged to give the talk of their lives. The TEDx program is designed to give communities the oppurtunity to host TED-like events at a local level. TEDx events are fully coordinated intependently. TED grants its strong brand name for local events under the franchise name TEDx

LAIF coordinates TEDxLeuven, and provides most of the volunteers for this inspiring event.



LAIF is exploring building a research centre on AI Policy. We are talking to researchers in bias in AI, AI forecasting and AI policy developers.

The research planned spreads out across Engineering, Political Science and Philosophy. Among our research associates are students in artificial intelligence, PhD researchers and even a GPDR expert. Also, we are always looking for new passionate people to join us!



Founded by AI master and doctoral students of KU Leuven, LAIF wants to bring together Bachelor, Master and PhD students interested in AI and form an active community.

Several activities are being organized during the current academic year, such as networking events, company visits, Master Thesis Hackathon and others.


If you want to become a member of our team, organize our next events, participate in

research projects or organizing activities for students, we would love to hear from you!

Send an e-mail to info@leuvenaiforum.eu with your

CV, motivation letter and which position you are interested in.

Operations Associate

Be part of the organizing team. From preparing the speakers, decorating stage, arranging the video recording, the catering, the sitting to seeing all the backstage and behind-the- scenes, if organizing events is your passion, this role is for you.

Research Associate

Be part of our research team, working on some exciting research projects on AI

Policy & Regulation topics.

Sponsorship Associate

Are you a sales man/woman? As sponsorships Associate you will contact companies in Belgium in order to become sponsors for our events, or

participate in our research projects.

Design Associate

We are looking for a passionate and creative designer to design logos, the website, social media posts, printing and other promotional material.

MAI Community Associate

Want to build an active student community? You can organize events and activities for the Master of Artificial Intelligence students of KU Leuven, such as company visits, MAI meet PhD event, Philosophy evenings, hiking, BBQs and other.


Say hello to the brains and brawn behind LAIF!




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